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Who is the next Bob Ross?

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Discover the magic of live art with Christopher Morphis, an artist who transcends the conventional to create mesmerizing masterpieces right before your eyes. With each stroke, Morphis captures the vibrancy of the moment, offering a unique, interactive art experience that’s as unforgettable as the festivals themselves. From the dynamic energy of live painting to the shared connections forged through art, witness how Morphis transforms any event into a canvas of endless possibilities. Join us on a journey of creativity and community—where music, art, and passion meet.

Get ready to be swept away by the mesmerizing energy of Morphis Art live. Experience the passion and creativity of internationally renowned artist, Christopher Morphis, as he paints a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that captures the essence of the moment. As part of the creative process, you’ll feel the excitement and emotion of the performance, leaving your own mark on the final piece.

Each painting is a unique expression of the moment, but it’s the memories and shared experience that make it truly magical.

Browse our Portfolio to see all the original pieces of art we’ve done. — prints and canvases available.

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Upcoming and past events where you can find our crew at! Your energy and presence is what we live for <3

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Running an Event?

Enhance your festival experience with Morphis Art’s live art gallery or interactive photo booth. Click below to learn more and book:

Interactive Live Art Gallery

Transform your event with a live art exhibit that engages and inspires.

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Specialized Snapshot Studio

Add a splash of creativity with our custom, artistically themed Snapshot Studios.

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Running an Event?

Chris can provide a one of a kind, self-contained, NO MESS​ live speed paint performance for your patrons. — A tribute to your show and artists that’ll leave a forever lasting impact on your audience.